We Help Good Businesses Become Great

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Specializing in the design and construction of agriculture projects  in the field of medical cannabis and hemp.

T.H.Consulting offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Agricultural advisory services, financial and strategic
  • Planning and managing projects such as adjusting farmers unique genetics and selection of varieties according to customer requirements
  • Preparing a business plan and determining  the economic  feasibility of new projects
  • Construction, supervision and inspection of new and existing projects

T.H.Consulting is the first Israeli company that helps its clients grow and improve in the domestic and global market by formulating their strategy’s implementation.

Our knowledge and experience give us a unique approach to ensure that our customers obtain counseling and continued improvement in results by creating a competitive advantage with improved operations.

Our company has employees with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of managing cannabis genetics and hybridizing. International collaboration over the years with seed companies, breeders, geneticists  and retail stores throughout the US Medical Cannabis market, coffee shops in the Netherlands and Spanish social clubs have contributed to a comprehensive familiarity with the global cannabis market.

Our extensive experience in the Cannabis market has enabled us to enter international business partnerships with global brands in the world of Cannabis.

As official consultants, we see it as our job is to lead the field of medical cannabis management by formulating models and innovative analysis methods that will help make good businesses become great.